Astropath Quantum Astrology focuses not upon Astronomy but upon your nature and nurture. Before you were born you had intentions for your life. Be what you intended to be.
Counseling and therapy with Khier Starchylde helps you answer life’s profound questions.

  • Dr Khier Starchylde Dr Khier Starchylde Khier views all life with compassion. He understands our human condition.
  • Do you know what Astrology is and what it is doing for you?
  • Using Astrology Khier helps you see a high level view of your choices.
  • Asteroids may have a greater significance for you than the traditional planets.
  • Spiritual truths can be found through Meditation and Astrology
  • Astrology is Sacred and represents a combination of many arts.
  • Feel you've reached a dead end in your journey? Astrology with Khier can help.
  • Karma from pasat lives affects your current life. Khier and Astrology can help you to understand.
  • Shadows may sabotage your life. Khier can help you identify, understand and integrate them.
  • How will you and your partner fare? Understand your relationships.
  • Life can throw some sharp curves. Astrologer Khier helps you see the signs.
  • Sant Kirpal Singh Sant Kirpal Singh Khier has been mentored by some of the greatest Spiritual Leaders


Astrology helps you to understand the Quantum magnitude of a spirit incarnated. Khier shows you how Astrology provides solutions for your life issues. Contact Khier today using the Contact Form on this page. Further details are found in the Store.